What Kind Of Outdoor Clothing Fabric Is Good?

Author: admin / 2022-12-02

There are many casual fabrics to choose from for sewing Outdoor Clothing Fabric. As you plan your sewing project, check out the pattern's recommended textiles. Find out if it needs a stretchy fabric, and if you should be using a knit, woven, or another type of material. With this data recorded, here are some additional qualities to consider when choosing fabrics for outdoor apparel.

sun protection

Fabrics with built-in UV protection! Also,  remember that light-colored fabrics will reflect the sun's rays.

error protection

Mosquitoes have difficulty biting through tightly woven fabrics. Consider avoiding dark fabrics, including black, navy, and red; dark colors can make it easier for mosquitoes to spot you. Ticks also don't like dark colors very much. (Side note: You can also treat a finished garment with Insect Shield permethrin spray, which was developed to protect the U.S. military from bug infestation. If you use permethrin, follow these safety tips; do your research!)

water protection

Waterproof fabrics are chemically treated or made to be hydrophobic. Waterproof fabrics cannot be penetrated by water to a certain extent. Waterproof fabric is impervious to water. When it comes to staying dry, water resistance is great; water resistance is better; water resistance is the best. You may see fabric marked "DWR". That means durable water resistance.


The windproof fabric acts as a barrier between the wind and your skin. The windproof fabric won't let any wind pass through it. Windproof clothing traps the hot air around the body inside the clothing.

moisture wicking

Most moisture-wicking fabrics are hydrophobic synthetics (wool is also moisture-wicking). Wicking fabrics draw moisture (usually sweat) from the inside of the garment and pull it to the outside using capillary action. The wicking fabric also dries quickly so liquids don't seep through. The result is a drier body that is better able to regulate temperature.


Depending on how much time you spend outdoors, wearability may be an attractive quality to you. Think of how fabric can snag, tear, pill and fray. Outdoor fabrics sometimes have a denier (abbreviated as a lowercase "d"). Daniel measures the thickness of the individual fibers that make up the threads of fabric. The higher the denier, the heavier the fabric.


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