What Are The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Teens?

Author: admin / 2022-03-11

Weighted blankets offer your teen many benefits, including:

1. Better sleep – Sleep is essential for teens, but it can be difficult to get for several reasons. Overwhelming schedules, a misaligned body clock, and the stress of constantly trying in life are all factors that keep your teen from getting the restful sleep it needs. Weighted blankets are not only relaxing, but they also naturally increase levels of serotonin and melatonin (sleep hormones), helping teens get better sleep.

2. Improve academic performance - As a side effect of getting more sleep, you may find that your child's grades begin to improve. This is because sleep is critical to academic performance. When teens don't get enough sleep, they may experience problems with concentration, problem-solving, and memory. By encouraging your child to sleep with a weighted blanket, you can help them get the quality sleep they need to be successful.

3. Stress reduction – Everyone is affected by stress, and teens are no exception. Prolonged stress can weaken the immune system, lead to high blood pressure and lead to mental health problems - such as anxiety and depression. If your child is struggling with stress -- whether it's school, relationships, or tension at home -- a weighted blanket can be a great source of comfort. Weighted blankets use the power of weights to relax the nervous system and reduce cortisol, the main hormone responsible for stress.


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