Material And Purchase Of Blankets

Author: admin / 2022-05-06

Material and purchase of blankets

1. Wool blanket

Wool blanket refers to a blanket made of wool. Because wool has good breathability, the airflow layer can be formed between the gaps of the fiber under the surface of the wool, so a more ideal constant temperature can be provided when the human body sleeps. Wool blankets are conducive to improving the quality of the human body, good warmth, and have certain effects on patients with rheumatism and arthritis, and can reduce the condition.

2. Lasher blanket

Lasher is the best quality blanket. Lasher fabric itself is also a kind of acrylic material. It is comfortable, breathable and thermal insulation. Thick and compact without deformation. Lasher blanket feels smooth and delicate, keeps heating and breathable, bright color, does not drop hair, does not fade, looks beautiful and practical.

3. Coral velvet blanket

Coral velvet blankets are made from the latest and best -selling fabrics internationally. Coral velvet blankets are named after their absorption, comfortable, comfortable, warm and soft. It feels like lying on the coral, so it is named. The coral velvet fibrousness is fine, does not fade, is easy to dye, has the elasticity of contact, and the feel is soft and delicate. However, coral velvet blankets are a bit hair loss, and patients with allergies and asthma should be avoided.

Purchase of blankets

1. Look at the feel

Good fabrics are soft and comfortable; Obviously, the fabric with a variance is rough and uncomfortable.

2. Look at the style

The color of the flowers must be pleasing to the eye, and the surface of the hair should be elastic.

3. Look at the size

The size depends on who uses it or what to do.

4. Look at thickness

The thickness should be moderate. If the blanket is too thick and too large, it is difficult to clean; if it is too thin, it will not keep warm. In winter, two layers should be thickened. In the air-conditioned room, a single layer can be pulled with a single layer in the late spring.


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