Main Features Of Waterproof And Breathable Fabric's Waterproof Clothing

Author: admin / 2022-11-25

Main Features of Waterproof and Breathable Fabric Waterproof Clothing

Vigorous activity during exercise can lead to increased sweating. This is why waterproof and breathable garments for sportswear need to be functional enough to ensure a higher moisture transfer rate from the body to the exterior. In addition, it requires proper design and the use of special manufacturing methods. They should ensure that the sportswear remains waterproof and durable during wear.

Seams are one of the weakest points in waterproof garments, as their failure can threaten their waterproof performance. The main reason for this is abrasion, as they can degrade the seams quickly. This can be avoided by paying special attention to their construction and placement, including changing the type of seam and/or the method of sealing the seam. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not seal all seams, limiting sealing to the most vulnerable seams, such as shoulder and side seams. They do this by using a specific tape (welding heat sealing tape is one of the most popular types of sealing) to seal the seams to avoid seam failure. Sealing the interior with adhesive is another common method of sealing seams. Proper stitching is also very important.

Linings and interlinings have a major impact on the moisture-wicking capabilities of waterproof, breathable garments. That's why - mainly to keep them from getting wet - they are given a DWR treatment. If there is no waterproof treatment, the lining and lining will be saturated with water quickly, which will accelerate the penetration of water. As a result, the functionality of the garment may be adversely affected.

Pockets are an essential part of waterproof clothing, just as important as seams and linings. Their design and location can be critical. Waterproof and breathable clothing should have zipped pockets (with a windproof lining) to keep out wind and water. Heavy rain and water running off the surface of the garment can easily seep into the patch pockets on the horizontal edges. Therefore, this pocket is not a typical waterproof structure. If waterproof clothing has such pockets, they are usually waterproof and/or have Velcro flaps so they are not completely exposed to the rain.

Cuffs can be problematic as they need to fit snugly to avoid water seepage. This restricts ventilation and airflow. The solution is fairly simple: use elasticated cuffs with adjustable openings to facilitate ventilation.


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