Introduction To The Types Of Car Cover Cloth Fabric

Author: admin / 2022-07-22

Introduction to the types of Car Cover Cloth Fabric

Different Cover Materials If you want to protect your car, but are not sure which material will do it most effectively, we offer a variety of cover materials to suit different needs. Whether your vehicle is parked on the street or stored in a warehouse, each type of material offers a variety of advantages to meet the level of protection you need.


Polypropylene car covers provide excellent protection for indoor or outdoor use and protect your car from harsh weather. This fabric is breathable and prevents mold or dust from adhering to your car's surfaces while keeping moisture out.

faux satin

The satin car cover is perfect for soft indoor dust protection. They protect the exterior of your car from scratches by protecting the sensitive clearcoat surface. Durable and extremely lightweight, it is ideal for gentle indoor storage.

Spunbond Composites

For all-weather protection, ideal for keeping moisture out while remaining breathable. Make sure moisture and heat don't get trapped on your vehicle's finishes with this high-tech material that's both UV and dust resistant.

plastic cover

Plastic covers are a great short-term solution to protect your vehicle from dust or debris from nearby cleaning or construction. Plastic covers are not suitable for outdoor use to protect against snow or other extreme elements and are disposable after use.

Woven polyester

It's a great option for outdoor protection, with a polyurethane coating that diverts rainwater away from the car. This cover material has double-stitched seams for durability and leak-proofing. It also protects your vehicle from acid rain, bird droppings, and heat damage. UV reflective silver material protects your car from sun damage and helps regulate the temperature inside your car to keep it cool. This durable synthetic fiber is naturally resistant to mold, rot and mildew. It is the best material for a car that will be outdoors year round.


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