Introduction And Principle Of Blanket

Author: admin / 2022-06-10

Brief introduction to blanket

There are rich plush wool fabrics on both sides, and the surface has rich plush fabrics. Bed wool fabrics with thermal insulation properties can also be used as bedspreads, tapestries, and other decorations. It is divided into three categories: pure wool blanket, blended wool blanket, and chemical fiber blanket. The weaving method, it is divided into organic weaving, tufting, warp knitting, needle punching, stitching, etc. There are jacquard, printing, plain color, mandarin duck color, Daozi, lattice, and so on. The styles of the blanket surface include suede type, standing pile type, smooth wool type, rolling ball type, and water pattern type. Strong elasticity and warmth, with a thick texture. Mainly used as a bed cover and double as decorations such as bedspreads or tapestries. The appearance of the blanket is varied, with a plump and curled suede type, and the pile is erect and velvety. Blanket patterns are available in a wide variety of colors.


The surface is rich in plush and has the warm properties of bedding wool fabrics, which can also be used as bedspreads, tapestries, and other decorations. There are three types of pure wool blankets, blended wool blankets, and chemical fiber blankets. Pure wool blankets use semi-fine wool as raw material, generally use 2-5 male carded yarn as warp and weft, or use combed yarn, cotton yarn, man-made fiber yarn as warp, and carded yarn as weft interweaving, twill breakage can be adopted. Double twill weft, double weft satin weave, double-layer twill weave, etc. The fabric is milled and double-sided raised. The weight of each blanket is about 2 to 3 kg. Blended blankets contain 30 to 50 percent viscose, and sometimes regenerated wool is added to keep costs down. The chemical fiber blanket uses acrylic fiber as the main raw material, with bright color and soft hand feeling. The weaving methods of blankets are divided into two types: weaving and knitting. Woven blankets are divided into two types: ordinary wool looms and pile looms; knitting is divided into warp knitting, tufting, needle punching, stitching, and so on. Fleece woven blankets and warp knitted blankets both use the method of cutting piles to obtain suede, so the fur is erect, the suede is flat, the hand feels soft and elastic, and it is a higher-end variety in blankets. In addition to fluffing, the post-processing also undergoes processing such as steaming, combing, scratching, ironing, shearing or rolling balls according to the requirements of different varieties. The appearance of blankets is diverse, including suede type with plump and curled fluff, standing pile type with upright and velvety fluff, smooth wool type with smooth and long fluff, rolling ball shape like lambskin, and water with irregular ripples. Pattern, etc. Blankets come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, including geometric patterns, flowers, landscapes, animals, and more. Generally, blankets are decorated and reinforced with overlocking, wrapping, and fringe.


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