How To Choose Outdoor Clothing Styles?

Author: admin / 2022-11-18

When choosing sewing patterns and outdoor fabrics for Outdoor Clothing Fabric, judge by the following qualities:

1.) comfort

Choose comfort over style. A sewing pattern may look cool, but it's important to evaluate whether it will:

make you too hot and sweaty

keep you consistent

caught by the brush

too tight, leaving you breathless or chafing

2.) Range of motion

Does this pattern allow you to lift your arms easily? How would it feel if you squat down? Do you foresee a particular seam, piece or trim being under a lot of stress? Relaxed and recommended fabrics help you understand the garment's range of motion.

3.) Protection

When you're outside, some things aren't in, including:




Insects: dangerous (ticks) and annoying (mosquitoes)

Plants: poisonous (ivy, oak) and annoying (burrs, berry vines)

Consider how a sewing pattern will stand up to the outdoor challenges of an adventurous setting. (Relatedly, this is why hardcore backpackers don't wear leggings on long and challenging nature outings. Knit leggings rip in rough terrain and are bad for mosquitos.)

4.) Layering capabilities

You might start your hike in a sunny field and end it in shady wood. Does your clothing allow you to feel comfortable in both environments? When I'm getting ready to go hiking with my boys, I tell them to wear extra layers because you can always take a layer off if you get too hot (and put it back on if it's too cold).


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