How To Choose A Blanket?

Author: admin / 2022-07-08

1.How to choose a blanket

Most of the bristle fabrics on the market are made of acrylic and polyester because the materials are easy to obtain and can be mass-produced, the price is low, and there is no fluff, such as coral fleece, polar fleece, etc. Here are four points to consider when buying a blanket.

1. Hand feel

High-quality blankets are crisp, soft, and elastic, which can be identified just by touching them with your hands. Poor quality blanket, rough to the touch, and no comfort to speak of.

2. Suede

The fleece of high-quality blankets is soft and not messy, the fleece is clean and tidy, and the weave is fine and does not show the bottom, otherwise, it will affect the appearance and not keep warm. The denser and thicker the pile, the heavier the pile weight per unit area, the better the texture and appearance of the blanket can be maintained, and basically, the short and densely woven blanket is more durable.

3. Gloss

It depends on whether the blanket is shiny and whether the color pattern is pleasing to the eye.

4. Dimensions

The size of the baby's blanket is generally 90cm*110cm; the size for children is generally 100cm*140cm, etc., the adult single person uses 150cm*200cm, and the tall one can choose 230cm or longer. You should also choose the appropriate thickness according to your actual user needs.

2. How to clean the blanket

1. Degreasing

Put some edible flour soda in warm water, soak for ten minutes, and wash.

2. Remove juice

Apply some toothpaste to the stained area and scrub it off.

3. Remove mold

After spraying the mold remover on the moldy area, wait for 30 minutes, and spray the mold inhibitor after the blanket is completely dry.


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