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Classification of Plastic Injection Mold

1. Single parting surface

When the mold is opened and the plastic parts are taken out, the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated. This kind of mold is called single parting surface mold, also known as double plate mold. It is the simplest, most basic, and most widely used injection mold form. It can be designed as a single-cavity injection mold or a multi-cavity injection mold as required.

2. Double parting surface injection mold

Dual parting surface injection molds have two parting surfaces. Compared with a single parting surface, some movable intermediate plates (also called movable gate plates and other parts required for gates, runners, and fixed molds) are added. Therefore, it is also called a three-plate (movable plate, intermediate plate, fixed plate) injection mold. This type of mold is commonly used in gate-fed plastic molds for single- or multi-cavity molds. When the mold is opened, the intermediate plate is separated from the fixed pressure plate by a certain distance on the fixed mold guide column, so as to take out the runner material between the two plates.

Due to the complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and difficult parts processing, double-parting injection molds are rarely used for large or super-large plastic molding.

3. Injection mold with a side-parting core-pulling mechanism

When the plastic part has side holes or undercuts, it is necessary to use a core or slider to form. After injection molding, the movable mold first moves down a certain distance, and then the inclined surface of the roller sliding table fixed on the fixed mold forces the slider to move outward, and at the same time, the push-pull of the ejector mechanism pushes the stripper plate to eject the plastic part from the core.

4. Injection mold with movable molding parts

Due to some special structures of plastic parts, precision molds and molds need to be equipped with movable forming parts, such as movable punches, movable molds, movable inserts, movable thread cores, or rings, which can be removed together with the plastic parts. When ejected, it is then separated from the part.

5. Automatic thread unloading injection mold

For threaded plastic parts, when automatic ejection is required, a rotating threaded core or ring can be set on the injection mold. Using an opening, a rotating mechanism, or a special transmission, the threaded core or ring can start to rotate and the plastic part can be removed.

6. No runner injection mold

The runner's injection mold uses a conventional runner to achieve adiabatic heating so that the plastic between the nozzle and the cavity is kept in a molten state. So when you open the mold and take out the part, there is no runner material in the gating system. The former is called adiabatic runner injection mold, and the latter is called hot runner injection mold.


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