Can Car Cover Cloth Fabric Protect Your Vehicle From The Rain?

Author: admin / 2022-11-04

The increasingly common acid rain is another story. The harsh chemicals in acid rain can gradually damage the paint and finishes of unprotected vehicles. If you park your vehicle outdoors in an urban or industrial setting, you will need a Car Cover Cloth Fabric to protect your vehicle from acid rain.

Waterproof cover:

You may have seen some car covers that are advertised as "waterproof". In theory, these coverings are designed to completely block rain and moisture from reaching the car below. These covers are usually made of plastic film or plastic-coated fabric -- a material similar to plastic tablecloths you can buy at dollar stores. The idea behind this design is that if the object is dry before putting the lid on, it should stay dry and prevent condensation from forming. The logic is simple, but there are serious problems with these so-called "waterproof" enclosures.

Covers that claim to be 100% waterproof keep moisture from escaping—exactly what we want—but at the same time, they keep moisture from escaping. Since waterproof covers are usually cheap to manufacture, it is possible (read "unavoidable") to form some condensation under the cover and get trapped. This can lead to water spots or more expensive damage to the surface of the vehicle, such as oxidation and rust. What's more, trapped moisture can cause mold and mildew to form in the car, a health hazard that cannot be ignored in addition to the "nausea" factor.

With that in mind, does a waterproof car cover exist? We may not be the official myth busters, but we can say it with confidence: waterproof car covers are a myth. Plus, they're a myth that tempts many well-meaning buyers to spend too much on a cheap and ineffective car cover -- ultimately compromising what it's supposed to protect.

Waterproof cover:

The waterproof car cover provides the best protection against water. Like sportswear, the car cover should be able to breathe. As "waterproof", your cover will block most of the rain. However, when some water does seep in (which is unavoidable in the event of a downpour), it will be able to evaporate through the layers. Therefore, an important requirement will be met - your vehicle dries quickly when wet!

With a waterproof cover made of a specific material like Super Braid or Noah, you can put the cover directly on a wet car and expect it to dry within hours. When buying a cover, pay attention to whether the cover is suitable for indoor/light use, not outdoor use. Indoor/light use has limited waterproof protection, while outdoor use can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail.

What about acid rain? A waterproof cover is the best option for preventing acid rain. It is the chemical deposits that cause acid rain damage, not the water itself. This chemical deposit can get stuck in the hood, preventing it from corroding the car's finish.


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