5 Tips For Cleaning Blankets

Author: admin / 2022-02-19

5 tips for cleaning blankets

1. In the laundry tub, use neutral soap flakes or high-grade washing powder to turn into a light soap solution of about 20 degrees. After the blanket is soaked in water, gently squeeze out the water and put it into the soap solution. After rubbing and pressing, rinse and rinse with clean water several times.

2. If it is a pure blanket, you can put about one or two white vinegar in the last rinse, so that the blanket after washing can be as bright as new.

3. After rinsing, roll up the blanket, press it gently to drain off the water, and then use a brush to tidy the fluff into the original square shape.

4. It is best to use two bamboo poles in parallel to dry the blanket, and then put the blanket on it and place it in a cool place to dry slowly in the shade. Do not expose it directly to the sun to prevent the blanket from fading and deforming.

5. It is best to brush the blanket after drying to restore the original soft feel and beauty of the blanket.



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