4 Must-have Outdoor Fabrics For All Seasons

Author: admin / 2022-03-18

4 must-have outdoor fabrics for all seasons

Spring is around the corner

The cold seems to last forever, but spring is not far away. Start preparing your outdoor clothing and gear now for trekking in the spring rain. The cotton fabric is breathable and lightweight for warm weather. Layered cotton can help provide some warmth when the wind turns cold. It's also fairly sturdy and easy to keep clean or bleached if needed. Linen is also breathable, lightweight, and somewhat waterproof.

Since there is always a risk of getting caught in a storm, make sure to choose cotton and linen that are free of dyes and toxins. If the fabric gets wet on your skin, you don't want it to have those irritants. The same goes for any fabric that will be worn outdoors in the rain.

Summer water fun

The most needed outdoor clothing in summer is what you'll need at the beach - swimsuits, beach towels, and cloth beach bags. Cotton is a great choice for totes that need to be cleaned between beaches. They withstand abuse while being easy to clean, maintain and store.

On the other hand, swimsuits, jogging bottoms, sports vests, and T-shirts, as well as other clothes are worn outdoors in summer, should be made of nylon fabrics. Nylon wicks moisture away from the body, which means the swimsuit dries faster and is less prone to chafing. The same feature helps wick away sweat and prevent chafing in joggers and others from exercising outdoors in the heat.

Fall Fleece for Cozy Fall Afternoons

Polar fleece is by far the most popular fall outdoor fabric. Wool is great as a warm inner layer for other items worn outdoors. Keep in mind that this fabric is highly absorbent and not suitable for use in wet weather. If you're going to be outdoors and there's a chance of precipitation, you'll need to add a layer on top of the fleece or choose a more suitable option.

Thermal fabric for warm winter adventures

Insulating fabrics are ideal for making winter outdoor gear. This fabric is thick and lightweight, strong, waterproof, and windproof. You can use it as a fleece-lined outer layer for a warm and lightweight winter coat, or you can layer your trench coat over fleece during storms in the fall and winter.


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